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Vihiga, Nakuru, Kilifi, Taita Taveta
Course will be developed in Nairobi


WIR has found that simple repairs are not done in hospitals, schools and other public 


​WASH systems maintenance technician certification: 

The course is designed for any individual with basic literacy, numeracy and a technical background. No previous skills or experience is needed. Participants can complete all courses for a certificate or just one short course as time allows.


Subscription to the whole course assures access to a lending library of tools, which are loaned for free on deposit during course registration.


Students will be selected from the following areas to come to Nairobi to develop training course:

  • Two young women volunteer cleaner from Lyanaginga Hospital Vihiga

  • One young person from Mwatate Water and Agriculture Training Centre (with Udo Lindenberg Stiftung)

  • One person from Kilifi County

  • One person WIR Women WASH Advocate

  • One person as WIR Water Truck Driver

  • One person Water truck assistant from Vihiga


Map_Kenya_Kifili, Vihigia.png

Basic Level 1 course will be open to any local technically minded person wishing to brush up their skills on the basic skills to install and repair plumbing, guttering, and drainage systems as well as basic plumbing fixtures.

The Level 3 advanced course will cover how to run and maintain water treatment for drinking and domestic wash water with a focussing on affordable and appropriate technologies. These technologies will prioritize filtration, flocculation, and Kenyan standard chemical treatment, as well as newer ultraviolet, reverse osmosis and Ultrafiltration technologies as circumstances dictate.

In Level 2 additional training will cover basic maintenance and repair measures to be carried out on commonly used pumps, valves and electrical parts.

The final Level 4 course will educate students how to write simple to read culturally appropriate operations and maintenance proposals with basic cost projections for unplanned breakdowns and for regular servicing. At the end of this course technician should have the skills to market their services to local schools, churches, community organizations, households and other businesses.

Exit plan

Work with TVETs in Vihiga and other counties to adapt program and deliver where appropriate 


  • directly 7 students

  • indirectly 100.000 people

If you're interested in learning more about our water project and how you can make an impact, we encourage you to contact us. Our water project aims to address critical issues related to water scarcity and quality, with a focus on providing clean and safe drinking water to communities in need. Water and sanitation is human right, and we're committed to working towards this goal through our project. By working together, we can create lasting change and improve the lives of those who are most in need.



Together for water and sanitation as a human right

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