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Mitangani Secondary School in Kilifi.

Photo: Rachel Kibui | Nation Media Group



Ganze in Kilifi county, with a focus on Bamba area. Kilifi is the county seat of Kenya and home to around 1,5 million people (2019) living in 12,245.9 km².


Rains has failed, drought causes extreme hardship. Cases of malnutrition have escalated in the drought-stricken Bamba division in Kilifi County owing to the prolonged drought that has hit the region depriving residents of food and water. With 90 per cent of households in Bamba living below poverty line, erratic food security has contributed to the deteriorating trend of malnutrition that has mostly affected children under five years, elderly persons, pregnant and lactating mothers.


  • WIR establishes limited company to own the truck and employ and train locals

  • A route is created with existing tank capacity for drop off delivery points

  • Some tanks would need to be repaired or purchased

  • WIR will negotiate with the water distribution points

  • WIR staff do water delivery to ensure quality and monitor the project


  • 200 L serves 6-10 people per day.

  • Smaller truck serves 26.000 people

  • Larger truck serves 52.000 people


WaterIsRight Foundation

Nation Media Group


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Exit plan

After drought is subsided, truck moved to Vihiga county. We establish joint venture in which WIR hand over company to local in exchange for guarantee of ongoing  social benefits (once ongoing funding established).

If you're interested in learning more about our water project and how you can make an impact, we encourage you to contact us. Our water project aims to address critical issues related to water scarcity and quality, with a focus on providing clean and safe drinking water to communities in need. Water and sanitation is human right, and we're committed to working towards this goal through our project. By working together, we can create lasting change and improve the lives of those who are most in need.



Together for water and sanitation as a human right

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