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The Wacken Open Air is the biggest heavy metal festival in the world. Started in 1990 with 800 visitors, today more than 80,000 fans from all over the world make the pilgrimage to

Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein every year and make the 2,000-soul community the centre of the festival scene for several days. As a long-standing organiser of the Wacken Open Air, the ICS Festival Service GmbH bundles areas such as band management, the "Wacken Foundation", tour booking, music publishing, metal travel, merchandising sales and ticketing. In cooperation with partners, this network constantly produces creative solutions and ideas that revolutionize the festival experience, enable technical innovations and produce extraordinary event concepts.

We are always happy to work with partners who contact us with their creative ideas – Water Is Right is one of them. We know about the importance of access to clean drinking water, which is why we are grateful for the important work Water Is Right is doing in this regard and the fact that they include the equally important aspect of sustainability in their activities.

- Holger Hübner | President | ICS GmbH

In 2019, for it’s 30th anniversary, Wacken’s organizer entered into a partnership with the Water Is Right Foundation. With every WIR Bottle* and every WIR water dispenser, the Wacken sets an example of how to reduce plastic waste and supports water and sanitation projects in developing countries while creating sustainable jobs on site.

It was a special honour for us to be invited as cooperation partner of the legendary Wacken Open Air. Especially in these times, where so many differences prevail on all social, cultural, political and economic levels, there is nothing more fulfilling than a happy, warm and tolerant community of 80.000 people from all over the world. Music has always had the special ability to overcome boundaries, to connect people who are otherwise "so different". I admire the organizers, who since the beginning in 1990 with 6 bands in front of 800 people have created something wonderful with full heart and soul. We thank the founders Holger Hübner, Thomas Jensen and the whole Wacken Team, all helping hands and all Metalheadz for the very warm welcome into the Wacken-Family.

- Iman Gerowgan | Head of Communication | Water Is Right Foundation

* WIR Bottles: Finances further water projects and „City CleanUps“ with schools and communities. Recyclable - Medical standard - Food compliant - Without plasticizers - BPA free (Read more)

Impressions 2019

Fotos: ICS Festival Service GmbH, Water is Right Foundation

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