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Veronica from Tuwapi

Thank you WIR-Supporters

"My name is Veronica and I am from Kiambu, Kenya. When I was 16 years old, I went to the streets. My mother was single and used drugs. She had a difficult situation because we were three children.

My mother used to beat us and say, "You have to figure out where you're going to get your food." So I ran away from home and got on the streets. Life there was so hard, and we struggled. I got married on the street and my first child was born there. When the baby was three months old, the baby's father left us. So I raised my child alone, and along the way I met another man. He offered to raise her, and that's how I had my second child. Life on the streets is complicated because we have no food, no shelter, and no good health.

When I met Pastor Lucy, she was like my mother; she is my mentor. She helped me to find myself and improve my life. My dream is that my children don't have to grow up the way I had to.


Veronica and her two children were hosted by Pastor Lucy at Tuwapi Tumaini. Thanks to your support, WIR was were able to build improved toilets, hand washing stations, and an elevated tower and tank to improve vegetable gardening and nutrition for over 70 children like Veronica.

Karun Körnig, Nancy Sikukuu (WaterIsRight) and Veronica

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