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If I can do drinking water projects for millions of people with very little resources I generate by donating the fund from every tenth concert I play, then I think that the right people, brought together in Water is Right could provide maybe 100 million people with clean drinking water. I am convinced that together we can achieve great things by combining our technology and technical know-how, our global commitment and corporate social responsibility.


Rolf Stahlhofen, Founder

Cervo Mountain Resort, Zermatt

"Zermatt lies in the heart of the Alps surrounded by springs and glaciers. Water comes in mineral water quality from water taps, what a privilege, what happiness.  There could hardly be a better reason to offer our guests this water, but there is another reason: WIR - Water is Right: we are proud to be partners and share our water luck!" ​ Daniel F. Lauber - Founder & Hotelier CERVO, Mountain Resort

Q 6 Q 7 

With Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim, Radio Regenbogen Harald Wohlfahrt Palazzo and MVV Energie - "Water Is Right" presents the first WIR refill station at Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim. With each litre of sparkling table water, you invite up to ten people in crisis and disaster areas, to drink water with you.

Raize Wear X
WIR Operations

Together with the WIR Operations, Raize decided to launch a cooperation products which support the local and global goals of the Water is Right Foundation.

More soon

Savills - global real estate experts

"With growing urbanization, the supply of drinking water is becoming an rising challenge. Everyone should have the chance to have easy access to water, so we would like to make a contribution to this." ​ Marcus Lemli - CEO Savills Germany & Head of European Investment

Open Air

Wacken’s organizer entered into a partnership with the Water Is Right Foundation. With each WIR Bottle and every WIR water dispenser, the Wacken sets an example of how to reduce plastic waste and supports water and sanitation projects in developing countries while creating sustainable jobs on site. 

Heidelberg iT 

"For me, supporting the WaterIsRight-Foundation means to support projects in developing countries, which bring about an immediate improvement of the drinking water supply for the people there." ​ Matthias Blatz | Managing Partner Heidelberg iT Management GmbH & Co. KG

Sound of the

"Through our joint fundraising campaign during the two festivals Sound of the Forest and Circle of Leaves at the Marbachstausee we were able to collect a total of 6000 € for the Water is Right Foundation! Directly, immediately and without losses the generous donation will flow into sanitary facilities of hospitals in the Nigerian state of Bauchi. Here you can see once again what culture can create! "



Together for water and sanitation as a human right

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