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Courtesy of the Government of Bauchi State


Water is Right supports the right to sanitation in the Nigerian state of Bauchi. With a population of around 7.3 million (2017) people, Bauchi's economy is predominantly agricultural and supplies the rest of Nigeria with food. One of the major challenges facing the state  government is open defecation, which poses a major health risk to water sources. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of sanitary infrastructure in public facilities and public places. This is mainly  due to a lack of investment and maintenance,  as well as cultural habits.The state government of Bauchi is looking for  partners to change the situation and modernize  200 - 400 toilet facilities in clinics and hospitals.As an advocate of the human right to water and sanitation, Water is Right works closely with the state government of Bauchi to actively support  these efforts.

●    Conceptual, organizational and technical advice

●    Bringing attention and resources to the campaigns

●    Ensuring financial transparency during project implementation

●    Support with demonstration projects and knowledge transfer

●    Planning of sanitary upgrading and educational measures in
      the communities



Initial upgrading mission
to Nigeria

Currently there are about 20 hospitals that  are in urgent need of toilet infrastructure upgrading. Water is Right is targeting up to four hospitals  to upgrade directly. Our staff will spend  2 weeks on site supervising local masons  and plumbers who will do renovations.

These upgrades will include:

  • Connecting and repairing water pipes, and tanks

  • ​Connecting and repairing sewer pipes, or soak pits

  • ​Adding necessary drainage for hand washing

  • ​Repairing or installing missing toilets and sinks

  • Tiling and painting interior to create cleanable surface​

  • Sanitizing or repairing existing tiling and grouting​

  • Repairing or installing doors and latches​

  • Repairing or installing flushing systems or tanks​

  • Signage for hand washing​

  • Hygiene education for the local community


Planning  for large scale upgrading

Based on our experiences in directly upgrading a few hospitals, Water is Right can estimate  the costs of upgrading all 20 hospitals as well  as installing public toilet facilities throughout the state. This will require staff to inspect various sites in addition to those that are being  worked on.


Test innovative approaches

Sanitation for the developing country context  is a widely research field with innovation  happing all the time. Water is Right will invite technical project partners to share their ideas and technologies that could reduce capital and maintenance costs. There may also be culturally appropriate novel approaches to managing community hygiene and sanitation infrastructure such as: Women and youth groups as facilities managers, introducing pay-per-use facilities, educational campaigns in schools, and soap making workshops and materials.


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