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“If I can make a difference on a small scale, we can change the water world and distribute drinking water more fairly and make it available to everyone”

Rolf Stahlhofen, Founder



  • gives local water a value and thus advocates a fairer distribution of this valuable resource

  • provides innovative water treatment plants in regions without access to clean drinking water and ensures that locally available water is treated and made available in the required quality - without unnecessary transport routes or plastic production, in a sustainable and responsible manner

  • committed to the SDGs

  • trains specialists to make water management self-sufficient in communities and to enable upgraded sanitation standards

  • organizes "City CleanUps" with schools and communities, as well as cultural and corporate events to create environmental awareness

  • advises institutions, companies, cities and municipalities on the subject of water and develops water solutions with strong technology partners




Raised in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Algeria, Stahlhofen made a name for himself in the German music scene. His career started as a tour manager with artists including Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Guns n Roses, Prince and Madonna. At the beginning of the 90’s, he picked up the microphone himself. First in the "RTL Samstag Nacht Band", later with the "Söhnen Mannheims". In 2001 they were on stage as part of the "Rock against violence Festival Tour". He was among the initiators with famous german music icon, Udo Lindenberg.

Even before the Water Is Right was founded in 2011, Stahlhofen campaigned for the human right to water. In 2002 he organized a benefit concert for the flood victims in East Germany, which gave rise to the association “Menschen am Fluss” (=People on the river) and organized benefit’s for the world's poorest people. 

In 2005 at the opening of the SAP arena in  Mannheim, Stahlhofen put together an All-Star band. That evening, he accompanied artist friends such as Roachford,  Peter Maffay, Sasha, Laith Al Deen and Silbermond and received the  "Sold Out Award". In order to spread the message that water is a human right internationally, Rolf Stahlhofen built up a cultural network in addition to the Water is Right Foundation which does public education at events such as the World Water Day (Cape Town). Therefore, the strength and specialty of the WIR foundation lies in the emotionalization of the subject of the human right water and sanitation. It does this through the power of music and of the artists who, in addition to Stahlhofen, are committed to the foundation goals of Water Is Right. In addition, the foundation enters into partnerships with companies that have developed high-performance technologies in the field of water, which can help achieve the ultimate goals of the foundation.


For his commitment, Rolf Stahlhofen was appointed “Messenger of Truth on Water” in 2007 as part of the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-HABITAT for short). To date, WIR has implemented 12 projects in 10 countries around the world: For millions of people, this means access to clean and affordable drinking water.



Celebrities & Music ambassadors


"I support WIR - Water is right, because I am firmly convinced that WIR (= german for "WE) can achieve great things together if WE stick together and show mutual support. Access to clean water should be possible for everyone and with my reach and commitment I want to continue to pursue this vision together with WIR - Water is right."


Victoria Jancke

Actress & Model

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